Follow up with the chartered accountant in Turkey

What is a chartered accountant in Turkey? The legal accountant is the person duly approved by the state in the Republic of Turkey in order to represent the company before the Turkish state in almost all its departments, where his job is to receive the invoices, expenses and purchases of the company, and register them with the state departments according to the rules and laws governing them, where the presence of the legal accountant in Turkey is a prerequisite for transactions between the company and Turkish government departments. From here, we reach a very important result, which is that the chartered accountant is the representative of the company before all governmental bodies in Turkey, and his work reflects very important results on the continuity of the company in Turkey. Through our experience and numerous experiences, we found out that many companies whose owners are not Turks have difficulty dealing with the chartered accountant and do not have an appropriate mechanism to review the financial statements of the company that the chartered accountant submits to the tax and government authorities. Accordingly, the MMT company, on your behalf, follows up and audits the chartered accountant to ensure that the financial information recorded is correct and commensurate with the company's aspirations for the future period.