About Us

A distinguished company in keeping accounting books, managing financial accounts, and setting administrative and financial plans in proportion to the company’s available capabilities to obtain maximum efficiency and effectiveness in managing the company’s resources, by providing services to many economic activities from factories and companies. We have many practical experiences And scientific in the field of financial and investment consultancy in line with the standards followed on Turkish territory

What does MMT (Manage My Transactions) mean? The name was chosen to be a logo and a business address for the company that manages the financial and administrative operations of many of the most important Arab companies and factories in Turkey, under the management of the financial and administrative advisor, Mr. Muhammad Mohsen Tabban.
The company was established in Turkey in the middle of 2017, and took Istanbul as its headquarters to prove its existence as one of the most important financial and management consulting offices in Turkey. Our ambition did not stop here, but we established a software solutions department by studying the practical needs of our customers and finding software solutions that meet their needs.

who are we :
We find practical financial and administrative solutions for each activity in proportion to its financial and administrative capabilities.