financial reports

Financial reports are one of the most important stages of the accounting work in the company, because they express the result of the company's activity during a period of time. By reading these reports, the management can take the appropriate decisions at the right time, for example (raising prices, reducing costs and expenses, investing in a specific production line, etc.). Internal or external information for the company, and the most important financial reports: 1- Cash flow statement: It provides users of financial statements with information about money paid or received over a period of time. 2- Income statement: Its importance is due to clarifying the details of the company's net income, losses, profits and comprehensive income of the company during a period of time. 3- Balance Sheet: The balance sheet is one of the important elements in preparing financial reports because it represents the company's material assets in addition to net losses and profits in a certain period of time. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.