Training and Employment in Turkey

Through our experience in will work and after our studies and the experiences that we went through, we have a firm confidence that university studies are not enough to produce a qualified person who is able to practice accounting work in a practical and correct manner, and accordingly, it is based on our absolute belief that the success of any company begins with building a capable human being. To accomplish his daily tasks correctly, we have trained more than 150 students and graduates of the University of Accounting and Business Administration in Turkey to advance their work and achieve their ambitions. We at MMT are training a team of university graduates and employers to be able to take over their normal tasks. We also employ these ambitious people in many companies that want to supply their cadres. This requires a lot of patience and perseverance to create qualified and scientifically trained people. Practically. How do we do that? 1- By attracting university graduates and students in the last university stages. 2- We train them in a practical way based on scientific foundations. 3- As well as distributing them to the companies contracting with us, in order to obtain real practical training. 4- The last stage is employment. After obtaining the necessary expertise, they are employed either in the same companies in which they were trained, or they are submitted to other companies operating on Turkish territory. Is this training paid? In some cases, yes, the trainee receives a symbolic monthly salary in return for performing some accounting tasks, and the trainee does not have any wages paid to us or to any other party.