Monthly tax statement in Turkey

The tax statement or the monthly tax return is a statement in which the taxpayer, whether an individual or a company, acknowledges the amount of taxable income and the tax due according to the form submitted by the General Revenue and Taxes Department. Also, companies operating on Turkish territory are required to submit a tax statement and pay the tax due to the General Revenue and Tax Department, and tax-exempt companies are obligated to submit a tax statement with the balance sheet and profit and loss account audited by a certified financial auditor who is the legal accountant duly contracted with when establishing the company. The penalty for delay in submitting the tax statement is calculated as a percentage of the total income, provided that it does not exceed the upper limit set by the Public Revenue and Tax Administration in Turkey. Financial and legal consequences for the taxing companies in the event of non-compliance with the regulations, even if the non-compliance was unintentional, and all companies are exposed to these risks, and this constitutes an additional reason to search for a company specialized in this field, such as MMT, which has experience and professionalism in tax matters as Our experienced professionals work closely with all clients to provide instant and reliable results without compromising the quality of service provided to them.